Vampires =O

The Backstory

So, as many of you know, I am half Taiwanese and half Transylvanian. I often (relatively speaking) cosplay Asian characters, but I have never taken advantage of my Transylvanian heritage when deciding on a costume. However that is now going to change.

For Halloween this year, I absolutely want to make a vampire costume, an EPIC vampire costume. But I can’t decide which vampire is the most epic to cosplay.

This is where you come in. Here I have a list of all the vampire costumes, so far, that interest me and all you need to do is just tell me which of them you think is the most epic. I am open to suggestions as well, but try to stay away from the females unless you think that they really suit me (the male vampires look a lot more sophisticated in my opinion; the females often come across as trashy D=).

The Contenders

Abel NightroadTrinity Blood
Notes: Weird personality, but I like his design. Especially the Harry Potter glasses.

AlucardCastlevania: Symphony of the Night
Notes: Alucard is teh sex and probably my favorite vampire character. However, I am not sure I could really pull him off

DVampire Hunter D (Amano)
Notes: Is also teh sex, like Alucard. Probably my second favorite vampire character. Not sure if Amano version is cooler than Bloodlust.

DVampire Hunter D (Bloodlust)
Reference: (yeah its a bad pic, sry)
Notes: (read above)

Walter BerhnhardCastlevania: Lament of Innocence
Notes: Cool design, not very common, shitload of armor x_x


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